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Lotes offers several DC Jacks in several mounting styles with mechanical or magnetic engagement, whose pin count ranging from 2 to 10. Lotes products satisfy customer’s requirements and also offer excellent solutions tailored. Applications: Notebook, PC, PDA, Car, Consumer Electronics and so on.

Part Number Description
AJAK0031-P***   DC Power Jack 5Pin,Thru-hole, Vertical & Dip & fro..
AJAK0026-P***   DC Power Jack 5Pin,Thru-hole, R/A, cable end,screw..
AJAK0025-P***   DC Power Jack 5Pin,Thru-hole, R/A Edge-Mount with ..
AJAK0023-P***   DC Power Jack 5Pin,Thru-hole,Vertical&Cable end, R..
AJAK0021-P***   DC Power Jack 5Pin, Thru-hole, R/A Top-Mount, With..