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Lotes CPU Socket is designed for use with Intel and AMD based microprocessor packages. Socket types include LGA, mPGA, and PGA with mechanical ball attached technology. Lotes LGA (Land Grid Array) sockets include Intel LAG 2011-x series, 13xx series.115x series.and AMD LGA C32,G34, The mPGA (micro P....

Part Number Description
ACA-ZIF-031-P**   CPU Socket 940,SMT,Vertical, Black,HF
ACA-ZIF-060-P**   CPU Socket AM2 940Pin,Thru-hole, Housing_black,HF
ACA-ZIF-077-P**   CPU Sockt 941,SMT,Vertical,Black,HF
ACA-ZIF-105-P**   LGA Socket C32 1207Pin,SMT,Vertical,Black,HF
ACA-ZIF-106-P**   LGA Socket C32 SAM,HF
ACA-ZIF-108-P**   CPU Sockt 905,SMT,Vertical, housing_black,cover_wh..
ACA-ZIF-109-P**_A   CPU Socket 722,SMT,Vertical, housing_black,cover_w..
ACA-ZIF-115-P**   LGA Socket G34 1944Pin,SMT,Vertical, housing_black..
ACA-ZIF-116-P01   LGA Socket G34 SAM with Dust Cover,HF
ACA-ZIF-135-P**   CPU Socket 904,SMT,Vertical, housing_black,cover_w..