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LOTES offer various battery holders that can fit CR1220, CR2032, CR2450 button battery for PC application. Vertical and R/A orientation options can meet different application and requirement. The height for R/A orientation covers from 5.1mm to 8.5mm that give customers more flexibility.

Lower order products: Battery Holder

Part Number Description
APCI0164-P***   M.2 8.5H M-KEY
KB7566BP***   Vertical CR2032 Battery Holder 2Pin, Thru-hole, Ro..
KB73***   CR2450 Battery Holder 2Pin Thru-hole , HF
KB66***   CR2032 Battery Holder 2Pin Thru-hole , HF
ABAT0016-K001A   Battery Holder 3Pin SMT,R/A Negative Type, HF
ABAT0015-P001A   Battery Holder 3Pin SMT,R/A Positive Type, HF
ABAT0011-P001A   3Pin Battery Plug Thru-hole, HF
ABAT0010-P001A   Battery Connector 3Pin,Thru-hole R/A,Black, HF
ABAT0007-P001A   Battery Connector 4Pin,Thru-hole R/A,Black, HF
ABAT0005-P002A   Battery Connector 4Pin SMT,Statestrip/Statesensor,..