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Lotes CPU Socket is designed for use with Intel and AMD based microprocessor packages. Including LGA 2011-x series, 13xx series, 115x series.Socket 989,Socket 947 and AMD C32,G34, Socket 905, Socket AM2 etc.

Lower order products: Intel CPU Socket | AMD CPU Socket

Part Number Description
DCA-HSK-186-P01   LGA Socket G34 BP,HF
DCA-HSK-182-P06   LGA 2011-1 R1 BP,HF
DCA-HSK-182-P04   LGA 2011-0 R0 Square BP,HF
DCA-HSK-182-P01   LGA 2011-0 R0 Narrow BP,HF
DCA-HSK-181-P03   LGA Socket C32 BP,HF
DCA-HSK-157-P06   LGA115X Server BP with Mylar&Screw,40u Ni,HF
DCA-HSK-157-P05   LGA115X Server BP with Screw,40u Ni,HF
DCA-HSK-144-P19   LGA115X DT BP with Mylar&Screw ,40u Zn,HF
DCA-HSK-144-E11   LGA115X DT BP with Mylar&Screw,40u Ni,HF
AZIF0049-P***   LGA Socket H4, 1151Pin SMT Vertical type, Black HF