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Lotes offers a wide range of memory connectors that includes DDR2 to the newest DDR4, Each product family consists of many different options (Vertical& Right-angle in solder tail, press-fit and SMT mounting options) to cater for the different needs in customer application.

Part Number Description
ADDR0199-K***   25 degrees DDR4 288Pin Through Hole Type , Black ,..
ADDR0141-K001C   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole,Vertical, Self-locking type,..
ADDR0129-K001C   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole, Vertical ,Single latch, sho..
ADDR0121-K001C   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole, Vertical ,Single latch, lon..
ADDR0117-P001C   DDR4 288Pin Slim Type,Thru-hole, Vertical Housing ..
ADDR0115-K001C   DDR4 288Pin Press Fit, Vertical with long side pos..
ADDR0098-K***   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole, Vertical, Short side latch ..
ADDR0097-K***   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole, Vertical, Long side latch w..
ADDR0094-***   DDR4 288Pin Thru-hole,Vertical,Wide latch, White R..
ADDR0093-K****   DDR4 288Pin SMT Vertical 3Dip Hook with Cap,Latch ..