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Lotes PCI Express product includes a series of 1X to 16X PCI with Thru-hole, press-fit, straddle mounting options, and different latch feature. which applied for Desktop computers, Server computers, Telecommunication switches and routers.

Part Number Description
APCI0243-K***   PCI-E 164Pin 1.0mm Pitch Straddle type Connector
AAA-NAN-002-***   NAND 78Pin 5.2H SMT Right Angle Black 3.3V, RoHS
AAA-NAN-003-***   NAND 78Pin 5.2H SMT Right Angle Black 1.8V, RoHS
AAA-PCI-013-K03   PCI E 36Pin 1.0mm Pitch,Straddle type,RoHS
AAA-PCI-018-***   PCI E 98Pin 1.0mm Pitch,Straddle type,RoHS
AAA-PCI-047-***   Mini PCI-E 9.0H 52Pin 0.8mm Pitch,SMT, R/A, Black ..
AAA-PCI-049-***   Mini PCI-E 4.0H 52Pin 0.8mm Pitch,SMT, R/A, Black,..
AAA-PCI-051-***   Mini PCIe Latch 4.0H,Black,RoHS
AAA-PCI-053-T01   Mini PCIe Latch 9.0H,Black,RoHS
AAA-PCI-063-K01   Mini PCIe Latch 5.6H,Black,RoHS