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Lotes offers a wide range of RF connectors including RF plug and receptacle. Lotes can satisfy customer’s requirements on products and also offer excellent solutions tailored. Applications: Mobile Phone, Notebook, Consumer Electronics and so on.

Part Number Description
ARAF0026-P001A   RF 5th Plug H=1.0mm Mating Height=1.30Max, 1.13OD ..
ARAF0015-P001A   RF 5th Plug H=0.75mm Mating Height=1.05Max, 0.64OD..
ARAF0014-P001A   RF 1st Receptacle 4Pad SMT,R/A,Black H=1.25mm,HF
ARAF0013-P001A   RF 1st Receptacle 3Pad SMT,R/A,Black H=1.25mm,HF
ARAF0012-P***   RF C5 Plug H=0.88mm Mating Height=1.20Max, 0.81OD ..
ARAF0011-P***   RF B6 Plug H=1.0mm Mating Height=1.3Max, 1.13OD Ca..
ARAF0010-P***   RF A6 Plug H=1.25mm Mating Height=1.60Max,0.81OD C..
ARAF0009-P002A   RF A6 Receptacle 4Pin SMT,R/A,Black H=0.85mm,HF
ARAF0008-P002A   RF 4thPlug H=1.08mm Mating Height=1.40Max,1.13OD C..
ARAF0007-P***   RF B6 Receptacle 4Pin SMT,R/A,Black H=0.56mm,HF