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Serial ATA is the latest storage interface for PCs, low end servers and Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD). It replaces the parallel ATA bus though while still in use is not able to meet the increased bandwidth and performance demands of future Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage applications. Applica....

Part Number Description
ASATS002-P***   68Pin SFF-8639 Vertical, SMT R/A Type Black, HF
ASAT0029-P***   SATA3.0 7Pin+2Pin, Thru-hole,Right Angle ,Yellow 1..
ASAT0028-K***   SATA Express Host plug 36pin,Thru-hole, R/A. RoHS
ASAT0027-K***   SATA Express Host plug 18pin, Thru-hole, R/A, RoHS
ASAT0024-P001C   SATA 22Pin Receptacle Thru-hole,R/A Type 15.52H Bl..
ASAT0020-P***   SATA 22Pin Receptacle SMT,R/A Type 2.88H Black, HF..
ASAT0016-P001C   SATA 22Pin Plug SMT R/A Type Black, HF
ASAT0015-P001C   SFF-8639 68Pin Plug SMT R/A Type Black, HF
ASAT0014-P***   SATA DOM SATA3.0 7+2pin Thu-hole,Vertical Type,Yel..
ASAT0008-***   SATA Express-Host Plug 18pin Thru-hole Type Vertic..