Human Resources

Employee Welfares and Benefits

Talent is an important factor for the competitiveness of a company. In order to make colleagues and the company with one mind to achieve a common goal, and ensure the hard work and efforts get acknowledged.
Company formulates diverse welfare systems to stimulate and retain talents:


Incentive reward

  • Employees bonus
  • Year-end bonus
  • Patent bonus
  • Commencement bonus after the Spring Festival

Diversified Subsidy

  • Birthday allowance
  • Festival coupons/gifts
  • Patent bonus
  • Eatery coupons
  • Marriage and childbirth allowance
  • Hospitalization condolences payment
  • Funeral grants for family member

Rational Vacation

  • Two days off per seven days
  • Public holiday
  • Maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, female physiological leave...

Sound insurance system

  • Eligible to labor health insurance
  • Employee group insurance

Diverse Activities

  • Foreign staff travel
  • Domestic staff travel
  • Year-end party
  • Staff dinners and birthday celebrations

Employees Care

  • Staff health check
  • Nursing room

Retirement System

  • Since Labor Pension Act released on July 4th, 2007, company provides options for the staff who applied for Labor Standards Law to continue or change to follow Labor Pension Act.
  • Old retirement system: in accordance with Article 56 of the Labor Standards Law, retirement reserve funds shall be deposited regularly into the special account of the bank of Taiwan, the Labor Pension Board shall be responsible for the management and use of the pension funds.
  • New retirement system: for the employees who are eligible for the new pension system, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Labor Pension Act, pay to each employee's pension account at the rate 6% of the employee's salary every month. Employees who meet the retirement conditions of the Labor standards Act may withdraw their pension funds from the account once or on a monthly basis.

Talent Recruitment

The tasks of our company are very challenging, developmental and full of team-work spirit. If you are a competitive talent who willing to meet the challenges and enjoy the progress, welcome to join LOTES.
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