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Corporate Governance

The 5th Compensation Committee( July 26th, 2021 ~ July 25th, 2023)

Chang, Yih-Cherng

Committee Member
  • University of Delaware, Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA, PhD
  • Professor and Department Director, Chinese Culture University
  • Associate Professor, Chinese Culture University
  • Assistant Professor, Chinese Culture University
  • Project Manager, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp.

Wang, Jen-Chun

Committee Member
  • S.J.D.,University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Equity Partner, Tsar & TsaiLaw FirmLawyer, Tsar & Tsai
  • Law FirmLaw Clerk, Department of Clerks for the Justices of the Constitutional Court, Judicial Yuan

Wu, Chang Hsiu

Committee Member
  • Master of Business Administration, Drexel University,USA
  • CPA of Dean Shine CPA Firm
  • Partner, DS Certified Public Accountants
  • Officer,Public Service Pension Fund Management Board
  • Revenue Officer, National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance
  • Semi Senior, TNS Accounting Firm
The company's compensation committee is established in accordance with the " Securities and Exchange Act" and related regulations.
The members shall be appointed by a resolution of the board of directors, and the number shall be three. At least one member shall be an independent director, and all members shall elect an independent director as the convener.
The term of the members of this committee is the same as the term of the appointed board of directors.

Responsibility :
 -Formulate and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures of performance evaluation and remuneration of directors, supervisors and managers.
 - Regularly evaluate and determine the remuneration of directors, supervisors and managers. The relevant supervisory salary and remuneration proposal shall be submitted to the board of directors for discussion, and the supervisor’s salary and remuneration shall be prescribed by the company's articles of association or the board of directors authorized by the resolution of the shareholders meeting.

Major resolution

2023.3.1Major Subject
2023.3.21Major Subject
2023.11.10Major Subject
1. 審查本公司「董事薪酬發放辦法」修正案。
2023.12.21Major Subject
1. 審查本公司經理人111年度員工酬勞發放案。
2. 審查本公司經理人112年度年終獎金發放案。