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If the Company has surpluses in a year, it shall allocate not less than three percent as employee compensation and not higher than three percent as compensation for the directors and supervisors. If the Company has accumulated loss, it shall preserve in advance to make-up and then allocate the aforementioned proportion as employees' and director'/supervisors' compensation. The objects of distribution of the aforementioned stock or cash compensation for the employees should include the employees who control or subordinate the Company and meet certain conditions.

If the Company has a surplus after the annual accounts, it should first complete the tax payment, make up for the previous year's losses, and deposit 10% of the statutory surplus reserve unless it has reached to the total capital. It should allocate or reserve into special surplus reserve according to the laws and regulations. If there are still surpluses, it shall be merged with the accumulated undistributed surplus. The Board shall draft a surplus allocation plan and propose to the shareholder meeting for a final resolution of distribution. The shareholder dividends distributed shall not be less than 20% of the net after-tax net profit of this year after deducting the surplus reserve provided according to law. The dividends distributed to the shareholders shall not be less than 20% of the annual net profit after tax of this year after deducting the surplus reserve allocation according to the laws and regulations.

The Company shall take the surrounding environment and growth stage of the Company, as well as the future business expansion, into consideration so that the future expenditure budget and capital needs shall be considered in the distribution of surplus. Among the dividends distributed in the current year, not less than 10% of cash dividends shall be offered.