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Corporate Governance

  • General Manager
  • 1.By the resolution of the Board of Directors, is responsible to all shareholders.
    2.Overall planning for the Company and its developing direction.
    3.Determine organizational structure.
    4.Approve and sign off the Company’s major decisions and contracts.
    5.Draw up quality policies/quality goals.

  • General Manager's Office
  • Assist General Manager in the execution of the overall planning.

  • Auditing Office
  • Exam and evaluate the integrity, rationality and validity of the Company's internal control system.

  • Administrative Department
  • 1. Manage recruitment operations, and personnel information and attendance.
    2. Plan and execute employee training.
    3. Manage miscellaneous affairs.
    4. Manage office equipment maintenance and logistics affairs.
    5. Human resources management for foreign affiliated companies.

  • Finance Department
  • 1.Provide relevant financial and management statements for external users and internal managers.
    2.Plan and execute annual budget.
    3.Raise, operate, and allocate funds.
    4.Prepare and analyze daily accounting, tax and financial statements.
    5.Reimburse the Company’s various expenses.
    6.Evaluate the Company’s business performance and perform cost analysis.
    7.Raise and allocate funds for foreign affiliated companies.

  • Sales Department
  • 1.Market Development.
    2.Product quotations, correspondence and customer reception.
    3.Operate order receiving, modifying and invoicing.
    4.Collaborate with relevant departments to ensure delivery. Consult with clients if delivering on time is unachievable.
    5.Customer information organization and customer service.

  • R&D Department
  • 1. Responsible for the design and execution of newly developed products or tooling.
    2. Manage design changes.
    3. Confirm tooling made.

  • Manufacturing Department
  • 1.Production of plastic products: Manufacture products’ plastic parts, design and modify plastic injection tooling and jigs, maintain on-site equipment, and manage material.
    2.Production of stamping products: Responsible for the manufacture of terminals, the design and modification of stamping dies and jigs, the maintenance of on-site equipment, and material management.
    3.Responsible for leading supplier management: Procure and manage material, equipment and daily consumables; Production planning and control.
    4.Stock management of stock materials, semi-finished products and finished product: Manage and optimize production efficiency and process capability.
    5.Procurement on behalf of foreign affiliated companies.

  • Quality Control Department
  • 1.Product quality system control.
    2.Correction and preventive measures for defective products.
    3.Handle customer complaint.
    4.Inspect purchased products, self-produced products, finished products and raw material.
    5.Counsel suppliers, inspect and monitor the process of incoming materials, manufacturing and shipping.

  • IT Department
  • 1.Maintenance of network system.
    2.Maintenance of software/hardware equipments.
    3.Maintenance of system.
    4.Planning and execution of information system.

  • Legal & Intellectual Property Office
  • 1.Patent affairs.
    2.Legal affairs.
    3.Intellectual property affairs.

  • Business Management Department
  • 1. Responsible for oversea production quality control, delivery business expansion, customer services, customer/supplier relationship maintenance and improvement.
    2. Operation planning and analysis of group affiliated businesses.