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M.2 Connector

APCIA100 / APCI0036

M.2 4.2H Gen5 M-Key R/A Type
M.2 8.5H Gen5 M-Key R/A Type

The 67pins new M.2 Connector is designed to support up to 32Gb/s high data rate transmission with PCIe Gen 5 performance. Offered two options for 4.2H / 8.5H height M-Key currently, other height and keying options will be available in the future. Compared with its predecessors, the crosstalk for this new M.2 is improved with the additional ground bar to meet high frequency requirements.

The power pin is optimized to supports 1A current, and temperature rise no exceeding 30℃ to cater for power-efficient demand.

With its small outline design, its especially suitable for laptops, tablets and low profile devices used. Also able to support PCs, servers or storage applications with its high performance spec.

Laptops, Tablets, PCs, Servers, SSD, etc.


・ Fully compliant with PCI-SIG PCIe M.2 Gen 5 specification
・ SMT top mount type
・ Available in different height and keying
・ Backward compatibility with Gen 3 and Gen 4
・ Power pin supports 1A current

Product General Characteristic
Product OverviewM.2 4.2H / 8.5H GEN5 67PIN 0.5MM PITCH, M KEY, SMT, TOP-MOUNT, R/A, HF
Component TypeReceptacle
PCB Mount TypeSMT
OrientationRight Angle
Physical Characteristic
Housing MaterialHigh Temperature Plastic
Contact MaterialCopper Alloy
Plating Material on Contact AreaAu
Plating Thickness on Contact AreaG/F, 10u", 15u", 30u"
Tail Length(4.2H) 0.65 & 0.65mm; (8.5H) 0.74 & 0.61mm
Locating Post1.45 & 0.95mm
Durability25 / 60 Cycles
Electrical Characteristic
Current Rating1A
Max. Voltage30V
Solder Process Characteristic
Solder Process TypeIR Reflow
Max. Process Temperature260℃
Duration at Max. Process Temperature10s
Environment Characteristic
RoHS/ Halogen Free(HF) ComplianceHF
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